Professional Development

AIDR’s professional development program will be delivered as a mobile program - delivering courses and events across Australia.  The principles that we use to build our professional development program are that:

  • Education is an important component of professionalisation of the disaster resilience workforce and that a robust education comes from a blend of formal teaching programs, seminars and networking.
  • Engagement is required at all levels across relevant organisations if we are to make a measurable impact in knowledge and culture across the sector.
  • Whilst single state/territory activities are cost effective, multi-state/territory activities play an important role in sharing experiences and accelerating culture change.
  • Activities that focus on the commonalities across Australia will ordinarily have greater long-term impact than those which have a local focus.

The AIDR professional development activities will help you improve your knowledge and practice in emergency management and disaster resilience at all stages of your career and we expect that at times our activities will challenge your personal perspectives. The AIDR program will provide learning opportunities for everyone engaged in the sector, from volunteers through to the leadership teams within response agencies and humanitarian organisations.

Workforce development is critical in the building of resilience and our program of educational events will be made accessible and relevant to the disaster resilience sector across Australia and our region.  

Through AIDR's activities we will bring together contributions and perspectives from regional, national and international experts.   We have the flexibility to be responsive to the priorities and challenges that confront us through nature and the environment, terrorism and the needs of governments and we welcome suggestions for future events or activities. AIDR's programs provide engaging and innovative learning opportunities in an environment where you will have an exposure to industry best practice and develop opportunities for wide engagement and collaboration on national priorities.

Have a look at our Events Page to see what events are coming up, to find links to register and join with others to build your professional knowledge and networks.

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