A joint AIDR and AFAC event

2018 Lessons Management Forum


9.00am – 5.00pm, 14 August 2018 - 15 August 2018


$385 incl. GST

The 2018 Lessons Management Forum will bring together lessons management practitioners, those interested in this area, and those new to the area to share good practice, learnings and innovations.

Who should attend?

The forum is open to everyone, particularly lessons management practitioners, those interested in the area, and those that are moving into the area. The forum will include face-to-face networking opportunities to enhance the expanding community of practitioners working in the lessons management area, and new members are encouraged to join.

There will be a broad range of presentations and workshops from various jursidictions and organisations.


Day one: Lessons identified

Day one will cover presentations on insights and lessons identified from experiences in an operations context from a range of jurisdictions and organisations.

Presentations include:

  • National lessons management
    Rob Cameron, Acting Director-General, Emergency Management Australia
  • Learning as one – lessons from Victoria
    Craig Lapsley, Commissioner, Emergency Management Victoria
  • Lessons from major event security planning/conduct – Commonwealth Games
    Queensland Police and the Department of Home Affairs
  • Overview of key themes coming out of Queensland and how lessons identified are being implemented
    Rowena Richardson, Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management, Queensland
  • Lessons from Defence's domestic operations
    Lieutenant Colonel Scott Fletcher, Australian Defence Force
  • Lessons from biosecurity exercises and responses
    Jason Males, Department of Agriculture
  • Knowledge is power – learning from when the lights go out
    Leanne Adams, South Australia State Emergency Service
  • Lessons learned from a community experience
    Sarah U'Brien, Dungog Shire Community Centre; Kris Newton, Mountains Community Resource Centre
  • Turning lessons identified into lessons learnt
    Brian Welsh and Simone Mulcahy, Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP), United Kingdom (via Skype)

Workshops include:

  • Emergency management communications – what we now know
    David Bruce, Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre
  • No blame, more gain, less pain – empirical results from CFA
    Roger Strickland and Tammy Garrett, Country Fire Authority


Day two: Implementing lessons

Day two will focus on the different approaches taken by organisations in managing lessons.

Presentations include:

  • Learning in real time – operationalising lessons management 
    Adair Forbes-Shephard, Emergency Management Victoria and Katerina Sirianos, Country Fire Authority
  • Overview of our approach to system-wide lessons management
    Karla Hartnett, Inspector-General Emergency Management, Queensland; Paul Algie, Queensland Police Service; Meg Lowe, Queensland Fire and Emergency  Services
  • Learning from after action reviews
    Eric Claussen, National Parks New South Wales
  • Improving lessons management in the NSW emergency management sector: The journey so far
    Jim Henry, New South Wales Office of Emergency Management
  • Army's lessons management approach
    Major Russell Underwood, Centre for Army Lessons
  • AMSA's vision for lessons management
    David Imhoff, Australian Maritime Safety Authority
  • Learning lessons about teamwork
    Associate Professor Chris Bearman, Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre and CQ University
  • Managing lessons from the frontline
    Carla Bailey, Logan City Council
  • EM-Share: How technology is supporting the way we learn
    Lisa Jackson, Emergency Management Victoria
  • Weather: From impact forecast to post-event review
    Grace Legge, Bureau of Meteorology
  • Operationalising the emergency management assurance framework: Queensland Health's system approach to building a disaster resilient health system
    Jo Dyson, Queensland Health
  • Community resilience networks – strengthening relationships between community and emergency management
    Wendy Graham, New South Wales Office of Emergency Management
  • Evaluating lessons
    Nick Milton, Knoco, United Kingdom (via Skype)

Workshops include:

  • Observations, insights and lessons (OIL) training
    Mark Cuthbert, Department of Home Affairs


Networking event

A networking event with light refreshments will be held from 5.00pm to 7.00pm on Tuesday 14 August in the Ballroom of the Windsor Hotel.