Skills clinic

Facilitating Debriefs


10:00am - 4:00pm, 17 May 2019



Debriefing offers a valuable opportunity to review activities undertaken.

We can all improve our debriefing skills. This skills clinic will give participants resources to develop their capability for effective debriefing. It covers:

  • the steps to prepare, build, and conduct a debrief
  • strategies to ensure a debrief actively engage participants
  • how to make debriefs challenging and safe learning environments
  • using effective techniques (and avoiding some common, ineffective ones)
  • acquiring skills to overcome potential barriers that inhibit learning
  • strategies to facilitate discussions of different perspectives to support lessons management characterised by mutual understanding
  • linking debriefs to organisational learning.


This clinic is designed for those with responsibility for facilitating debriefs, those with an interest in facilitating debriefs, and those involved in organisational learning and development, especially:

  • instructors and simulation designers
  • operational personnel, including incident management teams
  • emergency centre coordinators and managers
  • hose responsible for near-miss investigation reporting and after-accident reviews
  • those responsible for after-action reviews (operational and non-operational)
  • personnel involved in lessons management.