Online Masterclass

Building Multi-functional Team Effectiveness


01.00pm-04.00pm (AEST), 26 May 2022 - 27 May 2022



This masterclass focuses on enhancing the capability of leaders to launch and manage high functioning interdependent teams to operate effectively in disaster, crisis and adversity.

The Masterclass explores tools to analyse networks between interdependent teams in a disaster management
context, to enable effective coordination through influence, and identifies strategies for facilitating team learning for continuous improvement.



The Masterclass supports leaders of operational disaster management teams to build the skills and develop the
strategies required to launch, cultivate and integrate teams to maximise capability and deliver results in high
consequence environments. Participants will examine the core elements that can enable or undermine multidisciplinary team effectiveness, and methods to diagnose and resolve dysfunctions in teamwork.



This Masterclass aims to provide leaders of disaster management teams with the skills to:

  • Launch their teams for success in a disaster management context
  • Manage their teams to build capability in disaster, crisis and adversity
  • Diagnose barriers to productive team performance to support and enable effectiveness
  • Examine the ways in which leaders can improve multiteam disaster management coordination
  • Facilitate learning


Topics Covered

  • Assess the context and launch the team
  • Create enabling conditions
  • Build team effectiveness
  • Build commitment, accountability and results
  • Coordinating teams of teams in networks
  • Facilitate team learning for improvement