Cascading and Complex Network Failures Forum



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Friday 7 April 2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
The Events Centre,
727 Collins Street, Docklands Melbourne
$170 per person 


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This forum offers three hours of continuing professional development (CPD) for the Emergency Management Professionalisation Scheme (EMPS).  For more information about EMPS click here


About the Forum:

Last century, the installation of poles, wires, roads, pipes and other linear networks started to make our towns and cities more liveable. Their failure points were simple, known and expected. Candles, torches, spare batteries and radios were in the top drawer of most living rooms and kitchens. Houses had a mix of energy supplies for cooking and heating, including a combination of independently reliable technologies. Ongoing growth in adoption then demanded and broadened the role and reliance of these networks.

Through the review of large scale-disasters, we realised that our networks were not only inherently and significantly at-risk, but their vulnerabilities are complicit in creating the hazard landscape.

Jump forward to the 21st century; we are now seeing the phenomenon of interconnected complex system failures. A catastrophe triggers a domino cascade of events with multilateral impacts. Communities are crippled and the effects last long after their initial cause.

From an emergency management and resilience perspective, this forum focuses on what can we learn from recent events, and what challenges and changes are required to successfully create resilience.


The forum will explore the following:

  • What are the salient lessons to be learnt?
  • Are these events foreseeable?
  • Will these events continue to grow in magnitude?
  • How can the strain on social and health services be reduced?
  • What role does business and infrastructure play in creating resilience?
  • What is the role of government and emergency services?


Who should attend?

The forum will be relevant to professionals at all levels, from volunteers to senior leadership, experienced emergency managers and organisational risk managers.

This event will be of interest to those associated with:

  • Emergency service agencies
  • Transmission and distribution network service providers and operators
  • Government departments and energy regulators
  • Consultancies and contractors
  • Research


Guest speakers include
  • Mark Crosweller, Director General, Emergency Management Australia
  • Leanne Adams, Manager Policy and Projects, South Australian SES
  • Alistair Cooper, Director, Critical Infrastructure, Attorney-General's Department
  • Malcolm Jackman, Chief Executive, South Australia Fire and Emergency Services Commission
  • John Blackburn AO, Defence and National Security Systems Consultant 


Please note:
At present our registration system only allows payment via credit card.  The ability to generate an invoice for payment is coming soon.
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The Events Centre, Collins Street, Docklands