Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning

The Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning is a practical and useful hub that provides prescribed burning practitioners across the country with a place to share knowledge and experience for increased capability. The Centre communicates guiding frameworks and principles developed under the National Burning Project, to promote a holistic and consistent approach to prescribed burning practices, and supports the implementation of those practices by agencies.

The Centre also facilitates ongoing engagement across the industry to increase agency capability to deliver prescribed burning that is informed by current research and good practice.


The Centre’s activities will include:

  • Ensuring utilisation of ‘National Burning Project’ products
  • Facilitating practitioner engagements across jurisdictions
  • Increasing capability of staff by providing credible knowledge
  • Addressing ‘wicked problems’ competently and effectively through collaborative effort
  • Increasing national connectedness of people to each other and to country
  • Informing research direction, policy development and good practice
  • Research utilisation
  • Disseminating lessons learnt 


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