Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection



The Handbooks have moved

The Australian Disaster Resilience (ADR) Handbook and Manual Collections can now be found at the Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub. In the Handbook pages of the Knowledge Hub, you will find the Handbooks, Manuals, relevant supporting documents and links to related information.

Links to the Knowledge Hub:

  The Handbook Collection:
  The Knowledge Hub:


The Knowledge Hub brings together a wealth of information and resources on Australian natural and man-made disasters. In the Knowledge Hub, you will be able to access the ADR Handbook Collection, Manual Collection, the ADR Glossary and the Archive (documents retained for historical reference but no longer current).

The Knowledge Hub includes AIDR’s existing collections of Australian disaster information and the Emergency Management Library, as well as the Australian Journal of Emergency Management, supporting publications and other resources. 

Resources and information available from the Knowledge Hub will be updated regularly, including information from emergency services agencies and organisations, governments, the private and education sectors, and community groups.

As custodian of the Knowledge Hub, AIDR encourages contributions from anyone with private collections of information or resources on disaster resilience, emergency management and Australian disasters to allow those resources to be shared with others through this national information resource. Links to help you contribute information can be found on the bottom of each page of the Knowledge Hub.