Centre of Excellence webinar series

Overview of the Centre of Excellence and the National Burning Project


31 January 2018



The first of a monthly series, this webinar will take you on a guided tour of the Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning website. Housed on the AIDR Knowledge Hub, the online Centre presents a wealth of freely available resources relating to prescribed burning across Australia. This webinar will take you through the site and highlight other channels the Centre is exploring for building capacity nationally. 

Among the resources are the interrelated principles, guidelines and frameworks produced by the National Burning Project. The webinar will identify insights for good practice emerging from the products, outlining their utility across all phases of prescribed burning, from high-level strategic planning down to burn implementation and evaluation.  

This webinar is part of a series for prescribed burning practitioners across Australia and New Zealand. The series explores national guidelines and frameworks produced by the National Burning project, current research, lessons learnt and case studies, and prescribed burning tools. 


10:00am – Perth

11:30am –  Darwin

12:00 noon –  Brisbane

12:30pm –  Adelaide

1:00pm –  Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart

3:00pm –  Wellington

Joining information [PDF 55KB]

Presenter: Deb Sparkes, Senior Project Officer, AFAC

Deb Sparkes

Deb Sparkes is a Senior Project Officer working with AFAC and Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) to deliver national projects including the Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning and the National Fire Danger Rating System.

Prior to this she worked with rural fire and land management agencies involved in prescribed burning to help deliver outcomes of the National Burning Project for AFAC and the Forest Fire Management Group.

Deb has a Masters of Forest Ecosystem Science and is captivated by the links between fire and landscape health. Her current roles draw on a convergence of her previous experiences in project management, stakeholder engagement, professional writing and service delivery.