Australian Disaster Resilience Conference 2019


28-29 August 2019

Call for Abstracts open now

Are we future ready?

The 2019 Australian Disaster Resilience Conference will consider what it takes to be future ready. Recognising the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, how can we address pressing issues and be confident that we are future ready when it comes to disasters?

Plans and actions are often based on our past and current experience of disasters. However, in the context of a changing climate, the influence of technology and shifting demographics we are coming to learn that the past can’t always be relied on as an accurate predictor of the future we are moving towards.

“This landscape of the emerging era of disasters is going to increasingly stretch emergency services, undermine community resilience and escalate the economic costs and loss of life… We need to begin preparing now for this future.”

Dr Robert Glasser
former Head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction



Call for Abstracts

4 December 2018 – 11 February 2019

Presenters are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words for an oral presentation or a poster via the abstract portal. Posters will be displayed in the AIDR Knowledge Centre. Abstracts submitted for this conference may consider sharing case studies, lived experience, research, strategies and initiatives related to the four guiding themes: connection, respect, empowerment and wisdom


Connecting, collaborating and helping each other out are key to effectively taking on the challenges the future brings. How are people connecting to create a disaster resilient society? What form does this take – businesses with communities? Local government with the community sector and the communities they serve? Local communities supporting each other and other local communities? How does connection play out in communities of interest as well as place-based communities? How do we foster connection within vulnerable communities? And, who is NOT connected into the disaster resilience conversation?


Respect provides the foundation upon which we can build and grow our efforts to be ready to face the future, together. What are the great examples of respect between people, organisations, communities, sectors and institutions that build disaster resilience? Where do we need to improve to build mutual respect and trust? How does respect play out in urban and rural social cohesion and disaster resilience outcomes?


In the disaster resilience space we are engaging communities, but are we empowering them and giving them agency? How do we build empowerment, and is that in fact what we need to do? Equally importantly, how are we disempowering communities and individuals within them? What strategies are needed to empower our communities, organisations and businesses to be future ready?


Through experience and research we have built up a significant body of knowledge related to disaster resilience, but how does knowledge become wisdom? What wisdom do we need to cultivate to be future ready? How can we integrate wisdom and insights into our practice? How can we respectfully engage with the longstanding wisdom of Indigenous Australians and the lived experience of Australians who have faced disaster to move towards a disaster resilient future?


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About the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference

The Australian Disaster Resilience Conference is the nation's premier event focused on contemporary disaster resilience practice and research. The event brings together a diverse and passionate crowd from a range of sectors to share knowledge and build connections for a disaster resilient Australia.

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