Australian Disaster Resilience Conference 2019

Are we future ready?

The 2019 Australian Disaster Resilience Conference was held 28-29 August at the Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre.

The conference program considered what it takes to be future ready. Recognising the importance of being prepared for the unexpected, how can we address pressing issues and be confident that we are future ready when it comes to disasters?

Plans and actions are often based on our past and current experience of disasters. However, in the context of a changing climate, the influence of technology and shifting demographics we are coming to learn that the past can’t always be relied on as an accurate predictor of the future we are moving towards.

“This landscape of the emerging era of disasters is going to increasingly stretch emergency services, undermine community resilience and escalate the economic costs and loss of life… We need to begin preparing now for this future.”

Dr Robert Glasser
former Head of the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction



Make the most of your Melbourne visit


City of Melbourne logoIn its second year, the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference was held in Melbourne, Victoria. 

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Beyond your palate, there are ample opportunities to shop local and international brands, explore impressive galleries, see blockbuster shows, cheer at sporting events and explore the world-renown street art scene in Melbourne’s laneways and beyond. 

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The 2019 Australian Disaster Resilience Conference is generously sponsored by City of Melbourne.