Education for Young People

The AIDR Education for Young People program promotes disaster resilience education for all young Australians, in schools and other educational settings. The program supports initiatives which enable young people to participate in resilient communities, applying knowledge and skills to reduce risk and take protective action before, during and after an emergency or disaster. The program endorses a collaborative approach to disaster resilience education, with young people and educators working in partnership with experts from emergency services and related organisations to investigate natural hazards and understand risk in the local environment.

The program has two key objectives:

  • to develop a common framework for the delivery of disaster resilience education in Australia
  • to strengthen the capacity of the education sector to deliver resilience education to young people.

AIDR has established a structure to support the Education for Young People Program, as follows:

The Disaster Resilience Education Strategy Group (DRESG)

DRESG provides leadership for the Education for Young People Program and identifies opportunities to support professional development in disaster resilience education for educators working with young Australians in schools and other settings.

Disaster Resilient Australia-New Zealand School Education Network (DRANZSEN) state and territory forums

The Disaster Resilient Australia New Zealand School Education Network (DRANZSEN) forums bring together representatives from education and emergency services, non-government organisations, universities, local government and community groups in each state or territory. This network exists to support and promote action-oriented, collaborative DRE initiatives which reduce disaster risk and strengthen resilience in communities.

Disaster Resilient Australia-New Zealand School Education Network (DRANZSEN) national forum

The national DRANZSEN forum brings together representatives from every state and territory to identify national priorities, propose strategic directions, share experiences and demonstrate good practice. This event is a key opportunity for networking and consultation between DRESG and DRANZSEN members.