Centre of Excellence webinar series

Prescribed Burning Decision Support Tool


28 February 2018



This webinar will provide an overview of the Prescribed Burning Decision Support Tool (PB DST) and present a case study involving the use of the tool.

The PB DST is a tool to support incident controller decision making when carrying out burn implementation. The tool is designed to be used on each day of a burn, before ignition, to assess the relative risk of proceeding based on current and predicted weather. The tool complements the burn plan, and includes automated weather and predicted fire behaviour data.  

The PB DST is an effective, demonstrated tool for consistently documenting decision making based on the best available information. This has been validated in an Australian context following several burn escapes and implementation of contentious prescribed burns. When prescribed burn reviews have occurred, the ability to present a detailed summary of the extensive decision-making process prior to, during and after the burn has been invaluable.

This webinar will be presented by Brian Levine of the ACT Parks and Conservation Services. 



10:00am – Western Australia

11:30am – Northern Territory

12:00 noon – Queensland

12:30pm – South Australia

1:00pm – New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania

3:00pm – New Zealand

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Brian Levine

Brian Levine

ACT Parks and
Conservation Service

From Detroit, Michigan (US), Brian's passion for fire management began while completing a B.S. in Forest Management from the University of Vermont.  Brian worked with the US Forest Service for over ten years, serving in various roles and locations across the US. Brian attended the Fire Use Training Academy and completed a master's degree at the University of California, Berkeley, before relocating to Australia in 2012.

Brian Levine works for ACT Parks and Conservation Service where he is responsible for the prescribed burn program. Brian is the ACT representative for the AFAC Predictive Services Group and Predictive Services Practitioners (Bushfire) Network; he also chairs both the Data Working Group and the Prescribed Burn Decision Support Tool.


The Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning is hosting a webinar series throughout 2018, exploring a new topic on the last Wednesday of each month.