Education for Young People

New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory DRANZSEN Forum


9:30am - 3:00pm, 31 May 2018



"For a resilient nation, all members of the community need to understand their role in minimising the impacts of disasters, and hence the relevant knowledge skills and abilities to take appropriate action"

National Strategy for Disaster Resilience, COAG 2011

Event overview:The forum offers an unparalleled opportunity to interact with your fellow services and education sector colleagues. The program incorporates discussion and activities based on local needs. Groups will use their knowledge and expertise to identify priorities and pathways to increase disaster resilience in school-aged young people in their locality.

The combined NSW/ACT DRANZSEN Forum will explore:

  • emergency management arrangements in schools
  • disaster risk reduction and resilience education
  • disaster and community recovery: learning from Black Saturday with guest presenter Lisa Gibb

Participants will explore a case study of community response recovery following the Blue Mountains fires, from a school perspective.

Who should attend?

  • School leadership teams and staff interested in improving school emergency management and preparedness, and increasing DRE
  • Emergency service representatives involved in community education who want to learn more about DRE
  • Representatives from the Department of Education, Catholic Education, and the Independent Schools sector
  • Subject teacher associations, other agencies and affiliated organisations

Disaster Resilience Education

Disaster Resilience Education (DRE) enables young people to build knowledge, skills and confidence to problem solve and take action before, during and after a disaster event. DRE supports the development of a culture of safety and preparedness that aims to protect communities and reduce vulnerability to the potentially devastating impact of a disaster.

AIDR Education for Young People Program

The Education for Young People Program supports the implementation of effective and sustainable disaster resilience education initiatives which empower and give a voice to young people throughout Australia.

The Disaster Resilience Australia New Zealand Schools Education Network (DRANZSEN) seeks to:

  • communicate a shared understanding of DRE connected to international frameworks and relevant to an Australian context
  • build the capacity of teachers and other educators to deliver effective and sustainable DRE to young people, informed by contemporary research and aligned with the Australian Curriculum
  • provide a forum for schools, emergency management agencies and community organisations in the network to share knowledge, good practice and strategic objectives related to DRE
  • facilitate networking and collaboration between stakeholders in the design and delivery of new DRE initiatives.