From Risk to Resilience

Developing Australia’s Second National Action Plan


1.00pm-2.00pm (AEST), 04 April 2022



The National Recovery and Resilience Agency (NRRA) has started developing the Second National Action Plan under the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework

Hosted by AIDR Executive Director Amanda Leck, we invite you to hear from Nico Padovan (Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO, NRRA) and Viv Johnson (Executive Manager, Policies and Programs, NRRA) on the next steps towards improving Australia's disaster resilience and how you can get involved.

Through the development of the Second National Action Plan for Disaster Risk Reduction, the NRRA wants to engage broadly, gathering information and evidence to identify priority actions needed to progress the implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework and drive the reduction of systemic disaster risk in Australia.



Nico Padovan, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO
National Recovery and Resilience Agency

Nico Padovan is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO of the newly established National Recovery and Resilience Agency in the Prime Minister's portfolio. He has a key leadership role in ensuring the timely, effective and coordinated approach at a national level, across all levels of the government and with the not for profit sector, in assisting those impacted by a broad range of disasters, as well as ensuring they are better prepared to withstand future events. He has held senior leadership roles across the Australian Government and prior to joining the public service served in the military as an engineering officer for sixteen years.


Viv Johnson, Executive Manager, Policies and Programs
National Recovery and Resilience Agency

Viv Johnson is the Executive Manager for Policies and Programs at the National Recovery and Resilience Agency, supporting the newly established Agency to build cooperative relationships with all levels of government and not for profit and private organisations, to better prepare and support Australians impacted by disasters. Previously, Vivianne has held numerous roles in the Commonwealth Public Service across many policy areas such as management of the Federal Budget and national programs in education and employment.



Amanda Leck, Executive Director
Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience 

Amanda is a community development and engagement professional who has provided leadership and strategic direction in the planning, implementation and delivery of programs in complex environments.

With 20 years’ experience in the emergency management and community sectors, Amanda led the community development area for the Country Fire Authority in Victoria. Joining AFAC in 2009, she was appointed Director Community Safety in 2013, where she provided strategic advice in relation to risk reduction, community safety and warnings.

In 2019 Amanda was appointed as Executive Director of the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR), an operating division of AFAC.

Amanda has worked extensively towards establishing partnerships with all levels of government and the business sectors, drawing upon her leadership and management experience.

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Event program

  1. Introduction and scene setting.

  2. Presentation by Nico Padovan and Viv Johnson: the National Recovery and Resilience Agency's leadership role in disaster risk reduction.

  3. Discussion: How those working in disaster risk reduction can contribute to the development of the NAP.

  4. Audience Q&A.