Lessons management: where to from here?

In 2024, the Lessons Management Forum will be held at the InterContinental Adelaide, South Australia.

The Forum will focus on the future of lessons management and embedding the practice to support a learning culture in the emergency management sector.

  • What can we do to embed lessons management in our practices and our “business as usual” rather than a niche part of an agency’s operations?
  • How are agencies building their lessons capacity to deal with increased levels of operational activity and the push for learning from these?
  • With busy operational activity resulting in more reviews, how do we keep lessons management front of mind and avoid lessons fatigue?
  • How can the practice of lessons management be improved by embracing new technology?

Ticket options and inclusions

The Lessons Management Forum will be delivered as a hybrid-event, allowing those unable to join AFAC and AIDR in Adelaide to participate online. 

Virtual attendees will join via Zoom, and all delegates will use an online Q&A platform to engage with speakers. 

Additional workshops are coming soon and will be on Thursday 30 May, at an additional registration cost. 

In-person attendance 
28-29 May 2024

$450.00 +GST (per person)


  • Two-day program
  • Participation in Q&A with speakers
  • Printed delegate program
  • Day catering
  • Networking function at the conclusion of day one

Virtual attendance 
28-29 May 2024

$290.00 +GST (per person)


  • Two-day program, via Zoom
  • Participation in Q&A with speakers
  • Digital delegate program

30 May 2024

$120.00 +GST (per person)


  • Choice of workshop on Day 3 (30 May)

  • Real Time Monitoring and Evaluation (RTM&E)
    OILL workshop
    Introduction to Emergency Management Evaluation

Only available for in person attendance.

Registrations are processed via EventsAir, using a credit card. If you require an invoice for payment, please email to request. Register now.



Rooms have been made available at the InterContinental Adelaide at a discounted rate. A limited number of rooms are available. To access the discounted rate please book through here.

Forum program

Exploring the theme 'Lessons management: where to from here?'


Tuesday 28 May

9.00am Registrations open
10.00am Welcome and Opening
- Welcome to Country
- Housekeeping
10.15am Opening remarks


Building a culture of learning, How FEMA’s continuous improvement program has grown and continues to evolve

Mike Icardi (United States Federal Emergency Management Agency)

11.15am Morning tea
Session 1: Organisational learning and development

Lesson on lessons – a unique view of continuous improvement by Queensland’s Inspector-General of Emergency Management

Alistair Dawson APM (Office of the Inspector-General of Emergency Management)


Lessons learners as learners in lessons – A lessons occupational development continuum.

Wayne Snell (Australian Civil-military Centre)


Status quo is not an option

Dorothea Huber and Mark Semmler (AMSA)

1.15pm Lunch
Session 2: New technology

The SASES new Lessons Management WebEOC Board and the potential application of AI

Diana Macmullin and Sara Pulford (SA SES)


Empowering emergency response: harnessing Microsoft 365 Power Platforms for enhanced lessons management

Benjamin Hebart (Department of the Premier and Cabinet, South Australia)

3.00pm Afternoon tea
3.30pm Lessons Award - Presentation and winner to present on award topic

Lessons as a blueprint for an uncertain future

Kimberley Wilson (National Emergency Management Agency)

5.00pm - 7.00pm Networking session

Wednesday 29 May

9.00am Registrations open
9.30am Welcome and Day 1 recap
- Acknowledgement of Country
- Housekeeping


The AI storm comes: are we ready for AI's impact on disaster management?

Charles White (Deep Space Engineering Technology)

10.30am Morning tea
Session 3: Reviews and reflections

Three strategies for embracing learning culture across all levels of emergency management

Ben Norling (The Yellow Company Pty Ltd)


Community-led post-bushfire learning review

Zoe D'Arcy (Fire to Flourish)


Sharing lessons management in Africa

Christine Miller (B4Crisis)

12.30pm Lunch
Session 4: Capability

Mainstreaming emergency management lessons into exercising: A process development initiative

Lee Dalgleish and Tim Lewis-Nicholson (Emergency Management Victoria)


Building evaluation capability the key to lessons management

Cameron Scott (National Broadband Network)


The road from lessons not learned to learning from experience

Mark Cuthbert (Australian Civil-Military Centre)


Closing remarks


Event concludes with afternoon tea



Forum workshops

Enhance your Lessons Management Forum experience with immersive workshop options.

Registrations available via the registration portal, and only available in-person. 

Real Time Monitoring and Evaluation (RTM&E)

Session time: 9.30am - 3.00pm Cost: $120.00 excluding GST (per person)

Facilitated by: 

Lee Dalgleish and Katerina Sirianos (EMV) 

Workshop overview:

Victoria’s Real Time Monitoring and Evaluation (RTM&E) program is a systematic and objective function that monitors and evaluates operational systems and processes in real time using a pool of trained multidisciplinary evaluators from across the emergency management sector. RTM&E differs from a traditional evaluation process as it is undertaken during the readiness, response, relief, and early recovery phases of an emergency. It captures observations in real time and enables the sharing of rapid feedback to those managing an emergency.

This workshop will take participants through the following components of real time evaluation:

  • Establishing a real time evaluation function – what processes, governance, resources and tools are required.
  • Deploying real time evaluation – processes and requirements during activation, pre-deployment, deployment and post deployment.
  • Utilising learnings from real time evaluation to inform change – including learning products, tracking change, identifying lessons.

The workshop will use case studies and activities to support participant learning and understanding about real time evaluation, its benefits and how it supports lessons management in real time.


Lessons management practitioners who are interested in real time evaluation either to inform their own processes or interested in establishing a function within their agency or jurisdiction.

Participants will gain:

  • Guidance on how to implement a similar process within an agency or jurisdiction.
  • Guidance on how to participate in Real Time Evaluation – both as a monitor and when being monitored.
  • An understanding of how real time evaluation is utilised to support emergency managements continuous improvement

OILL Workshop

Session time: 9.30am - 3.00pm Cost: $120.00 excluding GST (per person)

Facilitated by: 

Mark Cuthbert (Australian Civil-Military Centre) 

Workshop overview:

Are you collecting observations and lessons from multiple events? How do you manage those in a consistent way? How do you make sense of those from one event or across multiple events? How do we share lessons in a consistent format? The Observations, Insights, Lessons Identified, Lessons Learned (OILL) model is a consistent way to think about your lessons process, help you make sense of the data you have and enable us to analyse and share lessons across agencies.

The Observations, Insights, Lessons Identified, Lessons Learned (OILL) Workshop will provide participants with the tools and processes for processing information to support a lessons management process. The workshop will introduce participants to the collection and analysis steps of the lessons cycle.


This workshop is suited to attendees just starting as Lessons Management Practitioners.

Participants will gain:

  • An understanding of what the OILL process is and each of the terms within that process
  • Practicing in applying the methodology

Introduction to Emergency Management Evaluation

Session time: 9.30am - 12.30pm Cost: $120.00 excluding GST (per person)

Facilitated by: 

Dr Christine Owen (University of Tasmania) 

Cameron Scott (National Broadband Network)

Workshop overview:

If lessons are the answer, what is the "evaluation" question?

Observations are the cornerstone of any Lessons Management process. A robust and well thought out evaluation process will identify the questions we are seeking to answer and the most appropriate sources and methods of collecting data to provide the evidence base behind the eventual lessons identified.

This workshop will introduce participants to evaluation and focus on the following components:

  • The link between evaluation and lessons management
  • Developing evaluation questions and sub-questions
  • Identifying the right data collection methods and tools to obtain evidence.


This workshop is suitable for anyone seeking an introduction to evaluation and understand its importance and integral relationship to the Lessons Management process.

Participants will gain:

  • An introduction to emergency management evaluation
  • Guidance and practise composing evaluation questions
  • An understanding of different data collection methods and tools and their application
About the Lessons Management Forum

Participants take part in a broad range of presentations and workshops from various jurisdictions and organisations, including military, health, and fire and emergency services. The program explores sharing lessons, including insights and lessons identified from experiences in an operational context. This may include outcomes from debriefs and outcomes from significant events. It will also explore implementing lessons and the different approaches taken by organisations in managing lessons. This may include development of frameworks, governance and processes.


The program includes:

Will cover lessons that have been identified as well as how to manage lessons. There will be a broad range of presentations and workshops from various organisations, jurisdictions and sectors.

The Forum
Is open to everyone and will provide face-to-face networking opportunities to enhance the expanding community of practitioners working in the lessons management area and will encourage new members to join. The forum is also livestreamed for attendees to view as an online delegate if they are unable to attend in person.

In addition to the presentations, in person attendees have the opportunity to register for breakout workshop sessions which will be run on Day 3.

Networking Event
A networking event is held on the evening of Day 1 of the forum.


Who should attend?

The Lessons Management Forum provides an opportunity for lessons management practitioners, those interested in this area, and those new to the area, to share good practice, learnings, and innovations.

What our 2022 Lessons Management Forum delegates said:


"Excellent forum with useful, relevant information and learning for all participants - no matter where they are from or what agency they represent."


"A great opportunity for gaining insights from experienced practitioners and information sharing with peers from different environments."


"Online is a great option for those who are unable to travel for any reason and should be maintained for future events. The only real drawback is missing out on the networking."


"The online attendance option was great - without this I wouldn't have been able to participate at all. A key outcome of conferences is connecting and building your network - the online option still enabled me to do this by reaching out to new contacts after they had presented via email, LinkedIn etc."

The Lessons Management Forum is an AFAC event, proudly supported by AIDR.