2022 Fenner Conference for the Environment

In late July, AIDR took part in the Fenner Conference for the Environment in Canberra which explored the topic ‘Compound events in Australia – strategic planning for multivariate risk.’

The event brought together a group of representatives with relevant scientific, administrative and policy expertise in climate and natural hazards for two days of strategic discussions about compound events in Australia. This can include, for example, disaster events that happen quickly one after another; and disaster events that happen at the same time in multiple locations across an area.

Across the two days, representatives discussed current practice for risk assessment and how multivariate climate risk is included; priority compound events for further study; scientific gaps; translating science into industry relevant measures; and shaping future communication between science, government and industry.
An important thread the emerged in conversations is the critical role of knowledge brokering, so that high quality climate information and research can be put into action for more informed decision making and planning when it comes to managing climate and disaster risk. Organisations such as AIDR have an important role to play in this space.

The event was supported by the Australian Academy of Science, the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, and Natural Hazards Research Australia.

Find out more about compound events in the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes Briefing Notes series: