AFAC Climate Change Group update

The AFAC Climate Change Group is tasked with producing a body of work to strategically support effective climate change risk mitigation, planning and adaptation outcomes for AFAC members, their stakeholders and the community.

The AFAC Climate Change Group met on Thursday 8 July 2021, one of the key agenda items discussed was the BNHCRC Tactical Research Project Preparing emergency services for operations in a climate-challenged world.

Over the past year, the group has worked with a research team from RMIT University and Reos Consulting to produce a set of logically plausible scenarios about how the future might unfold in a climate-challenged world and what this means for strategic planning and operations in the fire and emergency services sector.

This work has been funded through the BNHCRC’s Tactical Research Fund and has involved active participation in a series of scenario planning workshops by key stakeholders from fire and emergency services and land management agencies.

The research project is now if final stages of development and outcomes include:

  1. a literature review to consolidate available knowledge of the potential impact(s) of climate change on key issues that influence emergency services agency operations
  2. a set of plausible climate change future scenarios and a robust and tested methodology that can be used to develop climate change future scenarios
  3. scenario use guide, including worked examples and capability building workshops.