AIDR Handbook Collection: what's new and what's next

The Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection has grown significantly in 2018 and will continue to evolve with publications scheduled for 2019.

The Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection has grown significantly in 2018 with a number of new and updated publications.

In February 2018 the revised Community Recovery Handbook was published with supporting resources including checklists, case studies and further resources. The handbook provides a comprehensive guide to community recovery in Australia, for use by planners, managers and those involved in working with communities to design and deliver recovery processes, services, programs and activities.

In May 2018 the revised Safe and Healthy Crowded Places Handbook was published together with supporting resources including checklists and further resources. The handbook outlines nationally agreed principles for safe and healthy crowded places, and draws from national and international strategies, policies, guidelines, standards and doctrine. Its expanded scope to cover issues presented by crowded places beyond events reflects changes in contemporary terminology and heightened focus in Australia and internationally.

In June 2018 the new Public Information and Warnings Handbook was published with supporting resources: Warning Message Construction: Choosing Your Words and Warnings Republishers Guidelines. The handbook is also supported by a slide presentation pack to support implementation and training activities and a poster outlining Australia’s 10 warning principles as part of Australia’s Total Warning System.

In November, on World Tsunami Awareness Day, the revised Tsunami Emergency Planning in Australia Handbook was published with content provided by the Australian Tsunami Advisory Group. Providing a guide to the key principles of tsunami preparedness, the purpose of the handbook is to enhance the capacity and knowledge of emergency managers with regards to emergency planning for tsunami in Australia. The handbook is supported by the Tsunami Hazard Modelling Guidelines and Tsunami: The Ultimate Guide, developed by surf lifesaving Australia in collaboration with the Australian Tsunami Advisory Group.

The Handbooks currently under review include:

Australian Emergency Management Arrangements

Disaster Health

Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards

Lessons Management

These handbooks will all be published by mid-2019.

In early 2019 the program of work for handbooks to be reviewed in 2019-2020 will be considered by Emergency Management Australia.

In 2018, we also published the Handbook Collection Management Policy and Framework which outlines the Handbook Collection Framework and the principles and processes that support its ongoing management.