AIDR Handbook Compendium available for purchase

The AIDR Handbook Compendium includes 15 Handbooks from the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection that provide guidance on national principles and practices for disaster resilience.

The Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Compendium includes:

  1. Australian Emergency Management Arrangements (2019)
  2. Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience (2020)
  3. Community Recovery (2018)
  4. Communities Responding to Disasters: Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers (2018)
  5. Disaster Resilience Education for Young People (2021)
  6. Emergency Planning (2020)
  7. Evacuation Planning (2017)
  8. Flood Emergency Planning for Disaster Resilience (2020)
  9. Health and Disaster Management (2019)
  10. Land Use Planning for Disaster Resilient Communities (2020)
  11. Lessons Management (2019)
  12. Managing Exercises (2017)
  13. Public Information and Warnings (2021)
  14. Safe and Healthy Crowded Places (2018)
  15. Systemic Disaster Risk (2021)

The Handbook Compendium is available for purchase online here.

PDFs of all handbooks are freely available to download from the AIDR Knowledge Hub here.