AIDR Handbooks endorsed by EMA

Two AIDR Handbooks have now been endorsed by Director-General Emergency Management Australia for inclusion in the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection.

Systemic Disaster Risk and Disaster Resilience Education for Young People are currently being finalised for publication and will be launched soon. All AIDR Handbooks are available via the AIDR Knowledge Hub.

The Systemic Disaster Risk Handbook works from the premise that current approaches to disaster risk reduction are being challenged in a world of more frequent and interconnected hazards. As the population and economy continue to grow, increasing exposure is creating complex interdependencies that are leading to more systemic vulnerabilities. The Handbook has been developed to promote and guide consideration of systemic risk and resilience analysis as part of any review, update or development of contemporary practical instruction or risk assessment processes.

The Systemic Disaster Risk Handbook will be launched on 13 October, UN International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook provides guidance for those seeking to engage young people in learning and action for disaster risk reduction and resilience. It outlines the principles, approaches and core elements of effective DRE for young people. Through participation and education, young people can act as agents of change noting that responsibility for disaster resilience is shared, and appropriate disaster resilience education takes place in the context of broader strategic policy and action.

The Disaster Resilience Education for Young People Handbook is scheduled to be launched at the 2021 National DRANZSEN Forum.