AIDR Professional Development Prospectus 2022-23

The AIDR professional development program aims to equip individuals and groups to achieve improved resilience outcomes in their organisations and communities.

AIDR offers regular professional development and learning opportunities to benefit those working and volunteering in disaster resilience across a range of sectors. 

The 2022-23 Professional Development Prospectus outlines the masterclasses, workshops and professional development events available to AIDR stakeholders over the next 12 months:


  • Decision Making Under Pressure: New Skills for the New Normal Masterclass
  • Leadership in Disaster, Crisis and Adversity Masterclass
  • Leading Diverse Recovery Teams Masterclass
  • Managing Organisational Crises Masterclass
  • Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass
  • Recovery Masterclass
  • Leading Multi Agency Teams in Deep Uncertainty

Clinics and workshops

  • Facilitating Successful Debriefs Skills Clinic
  • Australian Disaster Resilience Index Workshop
  • Planning for Spontaneous Volunteers Clinic
  • Volunteer Leadership Program


  • Australian Disaster Resilience Conference
  • Lessons Management Forum
  • Recovery Matters Webinars

Read the full prospectus including a detailed breakdown of each event and the expected learning objectives here.