AIDR Service Statement: Our Approach 2021-25

AIDR has released a service statement for 2021-25, outlining our program of work for the next four years and how we will influence change.

In early 2021, the AIDR team attended a workshop with Clear Horizons to clarify our strategy for 2021-25. Together we refined the AIDR purpose statement and brought AIDR’s new Theory of Change to life through our 11 service areas. The outcomes from the workshop informed our new strategy.

Detailed in the AIDR Service Statement: Our Approach 2021-25 is the new AIDR purpose statement:

AIDR is the National Institute for disaster risk reduction and resilience. We collaborate across sectors to strengthen the resilience of Australian communities to disasters.

AIDR creates, grows, and supports a range of networks; provides opportunities for learning, development, and innovation; shares knowledge and resources to enable informed decision making and action; and facilitates thought leadership through national conversations.

The document also outlines the four key influencing strategies that encapsulate AIDR’s work:

  • Actively supporting, growing and sustaining a range of networks across sectors and jurisdictions.
  • Enabling those with a role in disaster risk reduction and resilience to come together to learn, develop and innovate.
  • Collecting, developing, curating and sharing knowledge to education and promote good practice in disaster risk reduction and resilience.
  • Providing a central focus point for national thought leadership on disaster risk reduction and resilience.

AIDR’s Theory of Change identifies how these key influencing strategies are expected to ‘work’ to bring about change and to contribute to a disaster resilient Australia. The influencing strategies will build on AIDR’s foundational work to effect both short term and medium term outcomes, which will contribute to AIDR achieving our desired final outcomes by 2025.

Over the next four years, AIDR will create a growing community of people who are more connected, informed, knowledgeable and capable of evidence- and values-based decision-making for improved disaster resilience. We expect to enhance our existing reputation as an influential and trusted thought leader in disaster resilience in Australia.

Download the AIDR Service Statement: Our Approach 2021-25.