AIDR Stakeholder Survey results

Results from the AIDR Stakeholder Survey have been collected and analysed. The survey responses will help to inform AIDR’s service delivery moving forward.

AIDR would like to thank the more than 600 people who participated in the survey. Receiving this feedback allows AIDR to build upon our current programs, and develop knowledge and services tailored to the needs and interests of stakeholders over the next 12 months.

The AIDR Stakeholder Survey found:

  • Of the survey participants who were involved with AIDR networks or programs, 96% indicated they value their participation in the network or program.
  • 76% of the survey respondents reported an increase in their understanding how to reduce disaster risk because of AIDR’s materials and/or professional development
  • 76% of the survey respondents reported an increase in their understanding of how to build disaster resilience because of AIDR’s materials and/or professional development.
  • Across the AIDR knowledge product range, the majority of survey respondents who had used the products found them useful. An average of 64% rating the product very useful across the products.


AIDR is a learning organisation and our work is guided by a Theory of Change and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan. Key findings from the AIDR Stakeholder Survey include:

  • Overwhelmingly positive response from survey participants across the usefulness of products, the value of participating in the network and the positive impact that AIDR has had on the disaster resilience and emergency response sector.
  • AIDR’s knowledge products are being actively used by stakeholders to shape and guide their own day to day work.
  • Participants in AIDR’s networks and programs valued their participation, in particularly the opportunity to connect with and learn from others. There is evidence that this is shifting mindsets and approaches to disaster risk reduction and resilience.
  • Participants identified several areas for future focus by AIDR including more content focused on perspectives from on-the-ground practitioners and community-led engagement; how to create inclusive disaster responses; and an appetite for short form content for time poor practitioners.

AIDR would like to congratulate the winners of the AIDR Annual Stakeholder Survey prize draw:

  • Mark Walding, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services – Complimentary registration to attend an AIDR Professional Development Event
  • Zoe Guthrie, Heritage Victoria – AIDR Handbook compendium including a copy of each AIDR Handbook
  • Kelsy Gibos, Government of Alberta, Canada – One-year subscription to the Australian Journal of Emergency Management


AIDR is grateful for the participation of all survey participants. The AIDR Stakeholder Survey Report is available on the AIDR website.