Australian Disaster Mapper audit

The Australian Disaster Mapper is one of the most frequently visited pages on the Knowledge Hub website.

Since November 2020, the Australian Disaster Mapper has been undergoing a comprehensive audit.  

The audit ensures that all disaster events transferred are accurate and represented on the Disaster Mapper. With the assistance of AIDR’s summer intern Ashley Wild, the Knowledge Hub team has made significant progress in cross checking and adding disaster events, and images to the Disaster Mapper to reflect the full dataset from AEMI.

The next steps of the project include completing the audit of previous records, adding unpublished disaster events to the Disaster Mapper – ensuring they meet the event criteria -and implementing a process for adding new events in conjunction with the Major Incidents Report.

As an important resource used by researchers, students, policy makers and those involved in disaster risk and resilience across a range of sectors, the Disaster Mapper provides an authoritative source of historical disaster information for Australia.