Australian Emergency Management Library

Since its inception in 1956, the Australian Emergency Management Library has developed into one of the largest of its kind.

The library provides a national resource and refence point for the emergency management sector, governments across jurisdictions, universities, and individuals. The collection contains an extensive range of academic journals and monographs along with archival film footage, photographs, and slides.

Over the past two years the library has undergone an extensive cataloguing process to inventory, reorganise, and barcode the approximately 17,000 item collection. This week the catalogue started being moved out of storage and into its new home - the AIDR and AFAC offices on Albert St, East Melbourne.

Borrowing services are not yet available, however, the online database and borrowing system is in the process of being updated. AIDR is also exploring the possibility of digitising the archival footage, images, and slides to allow more people to access the collection.

For further information on the library, future borrowing processes, and general enquiries please contact Owen Ziebell, Senior Project Office – Education and Engagement, at