Australian Resilience Corps

Minderoo Foundation, together with NRMA Insurance, has launched the Australian Resilience Corps, an initiative to help communities improve their resilience before natural hazards strike.

The Australian Resilience Corps aims to reduce the devastation caused by extreme weather events by building a culture where volunteer partners, corporates and community members participate in resilience activities in the off season. The initiative connects Australians who want to volunteer with partner organisations that need on the ground assistance to build resilience to disasters within communities.

AIDR is pleased to be a partner of the Australian Resilience Corps, having supported the preparation of online training materials that would-be volunteers can complete as part of their resilience training. The training modules cover important topics that can help volunteers in their volunteering efforts and in planning-ahead to reduce the risk of future disasters in their own homes and communities.

The resilience training modules include:

  • Introduction to volunteering
  • Introduction to disaster resilience
  • Property maintenance
  • Landscape management
  • Mental health
  • Resilience planning.   

Once volunteers have completed the resilience training, they will get a resilience badge and be able to connect with volunteer organisations aligned with their skills and interests and join activities in communities to help them prepare.

Learn more about the Australian Resilience Corps here.