Bureau of Meteorology Seasonal Climate Outlook

Be prepared with the latest Seasonal Climate Outlook issued by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The April to June climate outlook, issued 14 March, indicates  a drier than average three months is likely for the Cape York Peninsula in Queensland, and scattered parts of southeast Australia. The rest of the country generally shows no strong tendency towards a wetter or drier than average three months.

  • For April, northern and eastern Queensland are likely to have a drier than average month, while inland southern WA is likely to be wetter than average.
  • Warmer than average days and nights are likely for almost all of Australia for April to June. For daytime temperatures, the chances of being warmer than median are very high (greater than 80%) for northern and eastern Australia.
  • The Bureau's climate model, as well as the majority of other international climate models, suggest the tropical Pacific will warm to El Niño levels during autumn. However, if an El Niño develops, its drying influence upon eastern Australia is weaker in autumn, but strengthens in the winter months. There are also sea surface temperature patterns in the Indian Ocean that may influence the later part of the forecast period. See the Climate Influences section for more information.