Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook Companion Documents

AIDR is pleased to announce that three new companion documents to support implementation of the Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook are now live on the Knowledge Hub.

These practical tools have been developed to assist practitioners working in community engagement.

Practitioner’s Guide: How to choose between community engagement approaches

This document provides checklists to assist practitioners when choosing between approaches to community engagement. Each checklist highlights circumstances that might apply and that make each option more likely to support the desired outcomes and to build community resilience.

Practitioner’s Guide: Understanding and addressing challenges in community engagement

This document provides practical advice to identify and address potential challenges in the process of community engagement. Some challenges can be anticipated while others may emerge unexpectedly. Challenges may arise due to a specific set of circumstances or may apply more broadly to a range of common engagement processes.

Program logic template

The program logic guides project planning, implementation and evaluation by identifying agreed outcomes and outputs, specific engagement activities and presenting benefits in the short, medium and long term for the community and partners.

All of the documents are freely accessible and can be found, along with the Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook and Handbook Showcase Webinar, on the AIDR Knowledge Hub.