Community recovery resources available

AIDR has curated a suite of resources to assist practitioners and communities in recovery.

The Community Recovery Handbook (AIDR 2018) provides a comprehensive guide to community recovery in Australia. It is intended to guide and assist all organisations that help communities before, during and after a disaster. These include Commonwealth and state government departments, emergency management agencies, local governments, non-government organisations, community groups and the emergent groups that form in response to a disaster.

The Community Recovery Collection brings together resources, information and publications focused on recovery in Australia and internationally.

Knowledge-into-Action briefs were developed for people who are supporting communities to recover from disasters. We worked with experts from across Australia to develop resources that will help you make plans and decisions based on nationally agreed good practice.

The Recovery Matters webinars get to the heart of key issues in disaster recovery. Through a series of informative webinars, the Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience invites expert speakers to share what they know and help us move forward with disaster recovery.

The National Disaster Recovery Monitoring and Evaluation Database is a supporting tool through which knowledge gained from past recovery evaluations is available to assist in the design of future recovery programs. It should be used in conjunction with the National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Disaster Recovery Programs.