Contribute to the Incident Management Handbook

AIDR is seeking expressions of interest to join the Incident Management Handbook working group. Explore the latest updates from other handbook working groups.

AIDR’s has commenced the further development of the Incident Management Handbook and is now seeking expressions of interest to join the working group from these key sectors:

  • government representatives from the health and social services sector
  • local government
  • NGO’s working in disaster risk reduction and resilience.

If you are interested in joining the Incident Management Handbook working group please contact Ella Wilkinson:

The Flood Emergency Planning Handbook has been signed off by the working group. It is now with the AIDR Handbook Advisory Group for their endorsement and will be sent to Emergency Management Australia for approval from the Director-General.

The Emergency Planning Handbook final draft has been circulated to the working group for their final comments and endorsement.

The third draft of the Community Engagement for Disaster Resilience Handbook was recently circulated to the working group for their comments and feedback. The working group will meet in early June to discuss the development of the final draft.