Cyclone safety book for children

The new children’s book – Cyclones – is the latest addition to the COPE Disaster Series designed to increase the disaster resilience of children.

Authored by Martha Keswick, Mariko Jesse and Timothy Sim, Cyclones provides child-centred guidance on how to prepare for and respond to a cyclone through charming imagery and storytelling. The series helps to fulfil a critical role in supporting the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, recognising that children and youth are agents of change and should be given the space and modalities to contribute to disaster risk reduction.

The book was developed in partnership with James Cook University and is endorsed by AIDR. 

‘Cyclones are part of life in Australia and we are excited to have the COPE squad on board with child-friendly advice to keep communities safe. With engaging characters, simple language and beautiful illustrations, Cyclones shines a light on children as leaders in disaster risk reduction, ’ said AIDR Executive Director, Amanda Leck.

Cyclones is freely accessible online from the COPE Disaster Book Series website alongside previous publications Tsunami, Earthquakes and Floods.