Decision making under pressure: New skills for the new normal

AIDR is pleased to announce that we are taking expressions of interest for a new online masterclass.

AIDR is offering a special introductory price of $250 for this new masterclass in 2021.

Who should attend?

This six hour Masterclass, delivered virtually over two days, is intended for those who make decisions in high pressure environments and who are interested in how to improve their decision-making and that of the teams they lead.

The purpose of this masterclass is to assist participants to build individual and team capability in making decisions under conditions of high pressure, stress, and uncertainty.

Participants will learn about:

  • The neuroscience of decision-making
  • The impacts of stress, time compression, and uncertainty on individual and group decision-making
  • Elements that enhance or erode effectiveness in decision-making
  • Managing sense-making, situation-awareness and cognitive bias
  • Facilitating authorising environments to enhance team capability

Key themes include:

  • Features of high pressure environments and their impact on thinking and decision-making
  • Building and maintaining psychological safety for constructive dissent
  • Group dynamics and organisational culture
  • Meaning-making and multiple perspectives
  • Recognising and managing drift to unsafe conditions

The Masterclass Experience is highly interactive, evidence-based and practical. Participants will be introduced to a range of tools to improve their own decisions and those of their teams so they can best meet their obligations and accountabilities as a leader.

Expression of interest process

To express your interest in attending this masterclass, please email

Our facilitators

Christine Owen and David Parsons bring their extensive evidence/practice-based expertise to deliver a highly interactive, engaging and valued masterclass.  

Christine Owen

Christine is an organisational behaviour and learning researcher with over 25 years’ experience in investigating decision-making, teamwork, coordination organisational culture and change in safety-critical environments. She has been engaged by industry in a number of practitioner reviews and evaluations of major emergency events. Christine conducts research into high consequence decision-making, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration in domains including aviation, medicine, emergency management, and public safety. She is passionate about transforming research evidence into practice to improve working lives.

David Parsons

David has considerable emergency management experience in a number of emergency management roles in emergency services organisations and the corporate sectors. His specialist expertise is in emergency response management, crisis decision making, exercise management, lessons management, organisational resilience. He works with organisations including critical infrastructure,  public safety, and health. David has extensive involvement in providing emergency management professional development at Diploma and Degree levels in Australia and New Zealand. His specialty area of interest is in the neuroscience of decision making and multi-agency leadership.

Proposed dates:

Wednesday 17 March 2021: 10am – 1pm AEDT

Thursday 18 March 2021: 10am – 1pm AEDT


AIDR wishes to acknowledge that this new offering has been informed through work with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and their delivery of the Operational Leadership and Crisis Management Masterclass Series.