Hazard Alerts and Warnings online survey for students

The summer holidays provide an opportunity for children to take part in the Hazard Alerts and Warnings survey.

The summer holidays are a great opportunity to talk to young people about safety and hazards. Whether you are at home or travelling, on the road, in the heat or near the water, summer is the season of extreme weather and it is important to educate children about local risks. 

The Hazard Alerts and Warnings student survey is helping to inform disaster resilience education by painting a picture of how well children understand hazard risks and how to protect themselves from harm. 

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience Education for Young People program is still collecting data through the online Hazard Alerts and Warnings survey. If you live or work with school aged children please encourage them to take part. 

The anonymous survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and includes questions about bushfires, cyclones, floods, severe storms, heatwaves and the public warning systems associated with these events. 

Hazard education for young people has benefits for the whole community. The pupils at Strathewen Primary School understand their local fire risk and have created a bushfire education video to share with others.