High consequence decision making for Queensland

AIDR has delivered ten masterclasses to enhance decision making expertise in Queensland.

High consequence decision making was the topic of ten masterclasses delivered by AIDR to disaster management groups across Queensland over the last month.

Attendees benefited from a blend between practitioner experience and academic knowledge, with a focus on making critical decisions in times of uncertainty, defensible decision making and mitigating the impacts of uncertainty in evidence-based decisions.

The professional development opportunities spanned across the state, from Townsville to Toowoomba, Longreach to Beenleigh.

Ten more masterclasses will be delivered on the topic of leadership in disaster, crisis and adversity in July and August.

Participants will explore a range of strategies to create and maintain flexible teams during a crisis; use influence to build and leverage networks, and optimise performance to support resilience.

The masterclasses are led by Dr Christine Owen, who has over 25 years of experience working in high consequence settings and organisational performance; and David Parsons, who is an internationally known pracademic with over 40 years of disaster management expertise.

AIDR can deliver tailored masterclasses to organisations to support ongoing professional development. For more information please click here, or email: