Major Incidents Report 2021-22

AIDR is pleased to announce the publication of the Major Incidents Report 2021-22.

This sixth edition of the report outlines 36 events that impacted Australia over the 2021-22 financial year and provides detailed overviews for 9 of those events, selected based on uniqueness, duration, impacts, resourcing demands, tiers of government involved, specialist equipment required and learnings. The report provides a snapshot of the climate drivers that influenced the weather pattern across Australia, a national overview, an outline of the consecutive, concurrent, compounding and complex nature of many of the events summarised in the report, and an overview of national resource sharing arrangements.

Significantly, this year’s report demonstrates the capability of and necessity for the states and territories, Australian Government and industry to work together to minimise the impacts of the consecutive, concurrent, complex and compounding events that Australia faces. It highlights the important work and skills of our emergency service agencies and volunteers that help to keep communities safe.

AIDR expresses sincere thanks to the Steering Committee and many emergency management agency representatives who assisted with drafting incident summaries and mapping the incidents presented in the report. We are also grateful to Tony Murphy AFSM for his invaluable support in developing the report.