Meet the new staff at AIDR

Hannah Coffey and Ashley Wild joined the AIDR team in 2020.

Hannah CoffeyHannah Coffey

Hannah joined AIDR in March this year as a part-time Support Officer focusing on the Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub. Hannah has found working with AIDR to be an incredibly positive and educational experience, and has enjoyed working a supportive and dedicated team of people.

This year Hannah has undertaken diverse work including contributing to the research and construction of new collections such as the Pandemic Collection, adding events to the Disaster Mapper, and maintaining and updating existing collections, like Understanding Hazards. Hannah assisted in the facilitation of the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference presents Knowledge Week, conducted audits of the National Monitoring and Evaluation Database and Knowledge Hub, and contributed to the AIDR Royal Commission Submission.

Hannah is currently completing a Juris Doctor. Working with AIDR has piqued her interest in disaster law and inclusive disaster risk reduction and resilience, and she hopes to explore these areas further.

Ashley WildAshley Wild

Ashley is a Science – Global Challenges student in his Honours year at Monash University. He recently joined AIDR as a paid summer intern, working to use his GIS and web skills on the Disaster Mapper tool. Previously Ashley was a part of the Our World Our Say panel which analysed survey responses that examined current young people’s attitudes to climate change and disaster risk reduction.

Ashley is particularly aware of the need for disaster resilient communities from his background in international development and he hopes to apply his AIDR experience to data poor locations around the world. He recently returned from exchange at the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Ashley is a bit of a space-nerd, and is an eager eater of cheap street food wherever he goes.