Meteorology class for disaster managers

Across the globe, 90 per cent of major disasters are weather-related. Take your understanding of natural hazards to the next level by attending the Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass.

This highly recommended masterclass will be led by professional meteorologists from the Bureau of Meteorology who will provide a practical overview of meteorological science, tailored to meet the needs of the disaster resilience sector.

Attend the masterclass to learn about the fundamentals of weather and deepen your understanding of weather forecasts and warnings. In one highly informative day, you will learn about:

  • atmospheric characteristics
  • global circulation
  • highs, lows, fronts and troughs
  • weather observations: wind, temperature, rain, satellite and radar
  • the weather forecasting process
  • how rainfall forecasts are produced and understanding rainfall probabilities (how likely it is to rain, and how much rain to expect)
  • thunderstorms and severe weather
  • flood forecasts and warnings
  • fire weather and heatwaves
  • how to use weather and warning information to make better informed decisions.

This event will be held at the Bureau of Meteorology in Sydney on 6 June, for more information please contact

Register to attend here.