Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass

AIDR runs the Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass in partnership with the Bureau of Meteorology to deliver the fundamentals of weather and deepen participants’ understanding of weather forecasts and warning.

The masterclass has been adapted to online delivery and provides a practical overview of the science of meteorology, tailored to meet the needs of the disaster resilience sector.

Over the last year, AIDR has hosted five online Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclasses, with a total of 85 participants attending. Over two half-day sessions, professional meteorologists cover a range of topics including the principles of weather forecasting and how to use weather and warning information to make informed decisions.

Feedback on the Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass found a majority of participants valued the event and the learning content:

  • 96% agree or strongly agree the event improved their knowledge
  • 96% agree or strongly agree that they would recommend the event
  • 100% rated the online learning environment highly


Key learnings identified by Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass participants:

‘How better to interpret and apply publicly available information from the BOM.’

‘The pressure systems that influence rainfall and weather conditions, what the BOM means through their information (ie. understanding the language), where to go for more information.’

‘Understanding how to read weather maps more closely to predict and interpret conditions.’

‘I found how to read the forecast most interesting, it gives us the opportunity to actually read the forecast more accurately and allow us to plan and prepare accordingly.’


Four new dates have been announced for the highly rated Meteorology for Disaster Managers masterclass. Register now to secure your place at an upcoming event: