Meteorology masterclasses in Adelaide and Melbourne

Gain a practical overview of the science of meteorology, tailored to meet the needs of the disaster resilience sector with a meteorology masterclass in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Disaster managers and volunteers are encouraged to attend the Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass, hosted by the Bureau of Meteorology in Adelaide and Melbourne.

Attendees will gain highly informative insights on the basic principles of weather forecasting; global circulation; thunderstorms and severe weather; flood warnings; fire weather and heatwaves; using weather and warning information to make better informed decisions and how to navigate the Bureau of Meteorology website.

The one-day events will show the links between understanding weather-related disasters and taking preventative action. Each masterclass will be facilitated by a professional meteorologist, who will provide opportunities to ask questions and clarify important weather information relevant to your industry and role.

These events follow the highly successful masterclass held in Sydney earlier in the year, which sold out.

“The presenter’s knowledge was outstanding – great content and relatable,” one participant wrote.

The masterclasses will take place in Adelaide on 29 November and Melbourne on 3 December.

For more information on the Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass, please visit the AIDR events page.