Monitoring and Evaluation Framework to demonstrate AIDR’s Impact

Since its establishment in 2015, AIDR has developed, maintained and shared knowledge to support a disaster resilient Australia. Five years on, AIDR is in a strong position to provide leadership for those working to support disaster resilience and continue its role in developing a disaster resilient Australia.

AIDR is now developing, through a series of workshops, a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework to guide its program of work. More than 50 AIDR stakeholder came together in July to co-develop a program logic model. Logic models are a very useful basis for making targeted decisions about our monitoring and evaluation efforts and to develop a shared understanding of what AIDR is aiming to achieve, and how, and the key assumptions underpinning the logic of AIDR’s change efforts to support a disaster resilient Australia.

Further workshops will be held in August to identify the key questions the M&E framework will answer, as well as decide on what’s most important to measure to tell the story of AIDR’s contribution to disaster resilience.

AIDR is committed to making a meaningful impact on disaster resilience in Australia and to deliver knowledge, professional development and networking opportunities on behalf of the Australian Government to build capability in Australia to reduce disaster risk. AIDR looks forward to sharing this work when it is completed.