National centre for prescribed burning turns one

This month marks the one-year anniversary of the Centre of Excellence for Prescribed Burning (CoE), a national initiative to support knowledge sharing among prescribed burning practitioners.

The CoE promotes a holistic approach to planned burning to reduce bushfire risk, with a strong emphasis on community engagement.

The CoE has quickly established a dynamic practitioner network, an online suite of resources and a practical webinar series. It also delivered the first national prescribed burning clinic, in partnership with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service and Tasmania Fire Service.

“The Centre of Excellence is an important vehicle for getting AFAC’s National Burning Project principles into the hands of practitioners on the ground,” said Deb Sparkes, who coordinates the CoE.

Chris Condon from the ACT Rural Fire Service took part in the recent clinic. “Bringing a good mix of people in from other jurisdictions was one thing I found the most valuable,” Condon said. “Overall, the clinic was a fantastic way of gathering experiences and extra knowledge.”

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