National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines stakeholder survey

AIDR is seeking contributions to the review of the National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines (NERAG).

Your participation in a stakeholder scoping survey with help AIDR understand how NERAG is currently used and perceived by stakeholders across Australia. The outcome of this survey will contribute to a broad review of NERAG in 2022-23 to align the guidelines with up to date thinking, policy and practice for disaster risk reduction and resilience, including the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework and Systemic Disaster Risk Handbook.

The work to review NERAG will be undertaken in two phases. The first phase will be completed by June 2022 and will focus on scoping research with states and territories to understand how NERAG is currently being used and identify opportunities for policy alignment and the principles of systemic disaster risk.

In this first instance, we are reaching out for your views on NERAG. Do you use it? Are there limitations to NERAG? Are there opportunities to update NERAG?

Complete the 10 minute survey here.