Participate in research about experiences of menstruation while deployed operationally

The University of New England invites you to participate in a research survey to investigate how women (and people who menstruate) manage and experience menstruation while deployed operationally.

I am seeking women (and people who menstruate) who have roles in the Australian emergency management sector that place them in operational settings (including but not limited to fire and flood sites, emergency operations centres, evacuation centres, search and rescue, shifts) where challenging situational, physical, environmental and/or time limitations may be experienced.

If you have an operational role but are not currently menstruating (for example you are pregnant or menopausal) you are still welcome to participate in the research.

You can participate in the research by completing the survey here:

It should take about 15 minutes to complete.

For further information please contact Associate Professor Melissa Parsons (

Thank you