Progress on the Disaster Risk Handbook

AIDR is progressing development of Australia's inaugural Disaster Risk Handbook.

A working group of subject matter experts from across the disaster risk reduction and resilience landscape hasĀ  convened to guide the development and review of handbook content. A concept note has been critically reviewed by the working group to establish the intent and framing of the Handbook and the National Principles of a Disaster Risk Mindset are in development.

The Handbook will translate the National Disaster Risk Reduction Framework policy into practical guidance and support the implementation of the National Action Plan and other significant national initiatives. It will enable decisions, actions and investments, and help build an understanding of the nature of the problem, what this means for roles and responsibilities, and what this means for existing risk assessment methodologies and processes.

The Handbook will focus on fostering the right mindset that encourages new ways of thinking about disaster risk and resilience, to help people connect their role, and understand what it means for their practice. It will profile different decision-makers and how they navigate the risk and resilience system.