READI - National Crisis Management mobile application

READI is the only National Crisis Management mobile application aimed at helping you get all the information you need, geo-located to your local area in real time to prepare, react and recover from the natural crisis that have now become a way of life for all Australians.

READI have partnered with the Red Cross in a project aimed at empowering localised networks to be actively involved in protecting in their own self-care. Informing lifesaving decisions when, where and how that information is needed to preserve life. The project focuses on developing Australia wide localised networks of ordinary citizens, and also has a focus on the needs of vulnerable community cohorts.

The main objectives of the project can be summarised in two key streams of work; firstly, to develop effective, Australia wide localised networks of ordinary citizens, and vulnerable community cohorts that become informed, actively involved, and integrated into the crisis management effort. Secondly, the application becomes a data analytics engine, gathering actual user and temporal data with a view to using this research, in partnership with the UNSW, to drive continuous improvement in crisis management response tools and public policy for the betterment of all Australians.

They are looking for your support. For nothing more than the time it takes to enjoy a coffee your support can help make this project a success. The READI app is free and currently available on the Apple and Android stores. The team would like you to complete a very short Crisis Management Questionnaire and download the app. We hope you can spare the time to give your feedback and add your support to this worthy project.