Responding to the changing climate in the built environment

AIDR is proud to be an endorsing agency of the Findings on Changing Risk and Building Codes released on 3 July 2020.

Building code developers and research organisations from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States (CANZUS) have launched the Global Resiliency Dialogue, a joint initiative to inform the development of building codes that draw on both building science and climate science to improve the resilience of buildings and communities to intensifying risks from weather-related natural hazards.

Building codes in Australasia and internationally need to adapt to account for the changing intensity, duration and frequency of extreme weather events due to climate change. AIDR is proud to be an endorsing agency of the Findings on Changing Risk and Building Codes released on 3 July 2020.

'I was delighted to be participate in this international meeting that has led to the establishment of the Global Resilience Dialogue,' Amanda Leck, Executive Director AIDR said. 'Improving the resilience of buildings for future weather related risks due to the impacts of climate change, is critical to ensuring the safety of communities in future disasters brought about through natural hazards.'

The findings identify the need for greater collaboration between climate scientists and regulators, and public and private sectors to develop comprehensive strategies that address the changing risks in the built environment. These collaborative opportunities include identification of future risks, development of international building resilience guidelines including the relationship with land-use planning, supporting research initiatives, improved communications to support a common understanding of risks and the expansion of risk and impact analysis to include resilience initiatives and alternative approaches.

AIDR supports this initiative, outcome statement and commitment by the various international code bodies to increase community safety and resilience to extreme weather events and is committed to working actively with the Australian Building Codes Board and New Zealand’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to support this initiative.

Organisations can learn more and endorse the initiative through an online submission process at