Stay in the know: Australian Disaster Resilience Glossary

The glossary on the AIDR Knowledge Hub is continuously maintained to bring together definitions from existing sources into a single national resource.

The Australian Disaster Resilience Glossary is an integrated online glossary of disaster resilience and emergency management terms and definitions. Its purpose is to allow consistency and avoid ambiguity in the definition and use of words and terms associated with disaster resilience and emergency management.

The glossary does not present new or different definitions of terms, but brings together definitions from existing sources into a single national resource.

The development of the glossary has been supported by key organisations with a role in disaster and emergency management in Australia. These organisations reviewed the terms, provided links to their glossaries and submitted new terms and definitions for inclusion.

In the past year much work was done surrounding the review of some groups of words, to which a couple of groups are now coming to their finalisation. These are the:

  • Bushfire terms
  • Urban terms
  • Risk terms

Additionally, the next group of words that have been identified to be reviewed are HAZMAT terms.

AIDR will continue to update terms and definitions based on notification from key organisations and using the lifecycle management process outlined in Managing the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection

Thank you to everyone for their huge efforts over the past year to review these words, and for the future work to be done.

We welcome your contribution to the glossary and encourage you to propose new words and suggestions for existing terms by contacting Ella Wilkinson: