Survey to help future disaster recovery

Take part in a short survey to improve the National Disaster Recovery Monitoring and Evaluation Database.

AIDR is collecting data on the success of past disaster recovery programs to improve the National Disaster Recovery Monitoring and Evaluation Database.

A short survey will improve the database and ensure it is a useful tool that improves the quality of future disaster recovery evaluations, stimulate knowledge sharing and ultimately contribute to the delivery of more effective disaster recovery programs.

The database identifies a nationally agreed list of recovery outcomes, activities and indicators and connects users to past disaster recovery evaluations to inform both recovery program design and recovery evaluation.

It supports the Australian Government framework, Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for Disaster Recovery Programs, which provides a consistent approach to recovery programs evaluation, capturing learnings and facilitating continuous improvement.

Participants who complete the survey will go in a draw to win a place at the AIDR Meteorology for Disaster Managers Masterclass in Melbourne on 28 April.

The short survey has been extended to 22 April.