Surveys to grow the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection

AIDR seeks feedback from Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook users to help review and grow the collection.

Over December and January AIDR has been busy working on drafting and seeking feedback on a number of handbooks through user surveys. 

Keep up to date with the handbook reviews and track project milestones, upcoming events and Working Group members contributing to the development of each publication. Learn more about the handbooks which are currently being reviewed:

Australian Emergency Management Arrangements

Australia’s emergency management arrangements bring together the efforts of all governments, and private and volunteer agencies to deliver coordinated emergency management across all hazards. These arrangements are also based on a high level of trust and cooperation between the community and emergency managers, as the result of common experiences dealing with disasters. 

Disaster Health

The Disaster Health Handbook gives an overview of the principles and practices associated with disaster health. It has been developed as a starting point for people with an interest in disaster health in the Australian context and to provide a platform from which further study and education can be built.

AIDR is currently engaging stakeholders via the Disaster Health Handbook survey for input in identifying areas of the 2011 edition that need to be updated, reorganised or revised to reflect current principles and practice. 

Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is developing a new Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards Handbook. The new handbook will be developed out of a review of Manual 7: Planning Safer Communities: Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards (2002; part of the Manual Series). 

Stakeholders are invited to provide their input to new the handbook by identifying areas of that need to be updated, reorganised or revised via the Land Use Planning for Natural Hazards Handbook survey.

Lessons Management 

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) is reviewing the Lessons Management Handbook. This handbook is designed to offer a series of considerations, checklists and prompts for lessons managers, and to provide a number of examples to illustrate different aspects of the lessons management process.

The Lessons Management Handbook survey engages stakeholders to share their ideas about the development of the updated handbook to ensure it best reflects current principles and practice. 

The next round of drafts of these handbooks will be reviewed by the working groups and broader stakeholders as we move towards final sign up and publication.

Are you a user of an updated handbook?

We are seeking feedback on recently reviewed publications in the Australian Disaster Resilience Handbook Collection.

AIDR will soon distribute surveys to gain feedback from users on some of the handbooks we have recently reviewed. These insights will allow for better understanding of how the handbooks are used and how the updates have supported planning and arrangements in community recovery, evacuation planning spontaneous volunteers. Details will be provided in the next newsletter.

Please contact for any queries about any of the handbook projects.