World-first global conference on animals and disaster management

In a world first, the Global Animal Disaster Management Conference is attracting emergency and disaster experts, academics and practitioners from across the globe.

AIDR is supporting the Global Animal Disaster Management Conference (GADMC) and will publish an edition of the Australian Journal of Emergency Management on this topic in 2021.

Online, free and recorded

In a world first, the GADMC is attracting emergency and disaster experts, academics and practitioners from across the globe. The online format offers a staggered series of free-to-view, online and recorded webinars as well as convenient timings across world zones for those presenting and viewing.

The conference will draw from many perspectives and cover a broad range of topics that include:

  • creating prepared and resilient animal-inclusive communities
  • industry specific resilience programs for vulnerable animal groups
  • policy, ethics, advocacy and law related to animals in disaster management
  • lessons identified from past disasters and development of best practice
  • farm animals, companion animals, zoos and wildlife reserves, assistance animals, and veterinary emergency response
  • case studies on COVID-19, Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster, Australian bushfires, Lebanon explosion, Queen Hind shipping disaster and more.


Leading experts supporting the conference include Prof. Leslie Irvine, Prof. Gary Vroegindewey, Prof. Ilan Kelman, Prof. Melanie Hunt, Assoc. Prof. Mel Taylor, Dr. Sebastian Heath, Dr. Dick Green, Dr. Hazuki Kajiwara, Dr. Ian Dacre, Dr. Rebecca Husted, Dr. Yvonne Nadler, Dr. Josh Trigg, Mr. Gerardo Huertas, Mr. Tim Perciful, Mr. Steve Glassey, Ms. Ashleigh Best, Mr. Mark Anderson, and more.

Be involved

contact the organisers to be presenter of a practitioner-centric presentation or submit a research manuscript for Australian Journal of Emergency Management publication consideration.

Visit the conference website to upload your 200-word abstract.

All topics will be considered, however topics of particular interest cover animal-related disaster risk reduction, impact of volcanic eruption on animals, the integration of animal rescue into urban search and rescue operations, emergency planning for animal housing facilities (zoos, laboratories, intensive farms), veterinary hospital emergency planning, response and recovery, community led initiatives, technologies that enhance animal disaster management including augmented virtual reality simulation, decontamination of animals in emergencies, animal disaster protection advocacy, creating resilient animal-inclusive communities, wildlife emergency management, veterinary emergency/disaster response, and case studies of animal-related disaster response and collaborative initiatives.


Financial support from partners will help keep this free and accessible. Supporter packages are available either as sponsorship or to defray expenses. For more information, contact