20 August 2021 | International Convention Centre, Sydney NSW

National Recovery Forum


20 August 2021



The National Recovery Forum will bring people involved in disaster recovery together to develop connections and share knowledge, ideas, inspiration and good practice for communities to recover well from disasters and build a resilient future.

The National Recovery Forum will take place following the Australian Disaster Resilience Conference program on 18 & 19 August.

Throughout Australia we continue to see the impacts of disasters on different communities, individuals and families and we know the predictions for future disaster impacts. There is a broad call to build recovery capability in both the professional workforce and in our communities in early relief and recovery through to long term resilience.

Disaster recovery is complex societal work and at its best is about people’s strengths, dignity, healing and about how we go about building generative communities. Frameworks that help us to navigate complexity encourage the bringing together of multiple perspectives to make sense of what is going on.

You are invited to join community members and recovery practitioners from around Australia to build and share knowledge and practice about disaster recovery, and connect, reflect, and inspire each other about recovering well from disasters and building resilient futures.

Areas of recovery that will be covered on the day include:

  • Lessons implemented in recovery - partnerships with local entities, business recovery, the built environment, relief and clean up provision, natural environment
  • Community-led recovery and resilience and community capacity in recovery
  • Inclusion and equity, including community engagement
  • Leadership in recovery
  • Coordination and collaboration (including donations of goods, volunteers and donations of time, service provision)
  • Sustaining the recovery workforce

The program for this event will be launched in late June/early July 2021